saint earth

to celebrate our anniversary we three drove off to the garden of St. Erth in the not-so-faraway town of Blackwood. we were met with lush green grass, tall arching trees, the smell of eucalyptus and rain and crushed mint leaves underfoot... we savoured a late lunch of roasted vegetables from their garden, sausages and potato salad, flourless chocolate cake and double cream while noticing the rather large and intimating huntsman spider on the ceiling crawl closer to us (who Reu excitedly names, like all insects, "bee"), we wander the cultivated grounds - so many features I dream in a garden of my own - rambling stone pathways and raised beds, flowers intermixed with herbs and vegetables, wooden benches under shady trees for reading or sitting still, enough order and wildness, colour and greenery and space to breathe. Oh and we stockpiled a large array of autumn and winter vegetable seeds, all heirloom and wondrous. let the dreams, gardening and another year of love and adventure between my man and I begin... x

le sud

we have returned from a week in the dry and dusty scapes of south-eastern morocco... my first time in that part of the country and oh what a pleasure it was to wander the ancient and labyrinthine kasbah, smell spices and tap our toes to local tunes at dusk, for fellowshipping with friends, making art, bargaining for handwoven rugs with an absolutely buoyant 15-month-old (the effect of so many bright colours I am sure) and buying freshly made mssemen from elderly ladies early in the morning... actually towards the end of our stay reu and I came down with a bug that had us vomiting and feeling generally wretched - but thankfully we're mostly recovered now. alex was blessed with his iron constitution and was able to spend a day and night exploring the sahara desert about a 7-hour drive from where we were based - his scenes of the old towns along the way, sand dunes, oasis, camels and bedouin acquaintances are so mesmerising and beautiful... truly, one leaves this place inspired by differences, sun-drenched, dreaming... 


is how many days since this -
when we promised,
spirit and beauty enfolded us,
and the sun shone so bright
between the oak trees,

is how many days I have been a wife
to you -
best friend, lover,
collaborator, co-creator,
bedfellow, adventurer,

waking beside you each day
and all the moments shared
mundane and extraordinary -
is a gift and blessing,
carrying your heart in mine.

birthday festivities continued

 Yesterday we continued celebrating Alex's 30th birthday with two couples who are relatively new friends of ours but both downright wonderful company and kindred spirits. Its also curious that we are all Australian, yet living in France.

We had a little party here complete with freshly picked tunes, homemade tortillas with chicken and beans and all the necessary sides, beverages in glasses and jars (not because we wanted to be trendy but because we've broken so many proper drinking receptacles), there was the shaping of a real moustache (alex's) and the wearing by all of many hilarious others on sticks. Alex crafted a rather impressive horse piƱata and we had ball bashing the life out of the poor beast outside, although Reuben was very sensitive to it all - any hit to the horse made him cry!

Oh yes and of course there was birthday cake number two - spongey chocolate cake with mascapone, cherries and ganache, a black-forest-of-sorts. Yesterday's festivities coincided with international "talk like a pirate day" and so a few arrrrghhhs and me-hearties made it in there, along with some piratical ships about the place. All in all, a terrible lot of fun... and just so nice to be among good company and celebrate again the milestone age of my lover. Mmmhm.

today thirty

today you turned thirty,

and as with every day -
I find myself loving you
a little more, stronger,
a little better,

aside from celebratory kisses
(and slobbers from the seven-month old)
we hung up your birthday bunting -
fresh from the needle and thread,
we filled the home with
we brewed strong coffee
and fetched local pastries
(still warm in their paper),
and later there was belgium beer
and meatballs in caramelised onions,
a moist guinness chocolate cake
frosted with cream cheese and pecans,

this year our gifts seem much more
best had fresh and savoured -

there was a wee card with reuben's handprints,
and another one from me
filled with my words
of gratitude,
of the man you have been, are -
your history, and dreams,

a pledge also,
from my soul-places
to be alongside you in this next decade
(which I am quietly confident)
will be your best yet -

whatever adventure,
uprooting, unfurling,
creating, story of life lived
fully and truly.

papa's day

Oh Alex, none could be a better dad to our little Reu; the way you love and tend to him makes my heart swell and swoon...

And this morning I felt such gratitude speaking to my own dear dad, step-dad and dad-in-law - all such deeply fascinating, faithful, inspiring men. happiest of blessings to you too...

(p.s. mum secretly captured these sweet moments while we were away in Normandy)


for the planting of  more herbs in the garden
for the simple things that happily occupy a baby
for the feeling of delicious grains
for the taste of quinoa bread and butter
for the sight of market produce
and for colourful suppers
(in such good company)

alex left on saturday for an outreach in eastern europe.
he'll be back in two and half weeks -
the longest he and I have ever been apart
we met each other.

this morning I was woken up at 4am by loud rolling thunder, I instinctively turned to alex's side of the bed, I missed the sound of his steady heave of breath, the smell of him so familiar and good. I curled in close to my baby boy sleeping and stirring beside me.

so thankful to be a mamma, so grateful for my kin, so glad to be safe and warm.