Ode to Winter


Winter wanders
round the paddock -
with sticks and fallen logs and
curving branches we fashion
wigwams, secret places to crawl
into and whisper stories -

Winter wonders
are mundane things made magical:
frosted fenceposts, 
ice crystals on the lawn,
cut glass hanging in the window
catches the late afternoon sun
and makes rainbows dance on the ceiling,
baby blowing farewell kisses,

Winter warmers:
every single ray of sunshine, 
frothy milk with cocoa,
socks on our toes, five
layers against the chest,
conversation in bed
he curled around me
curled around a hot water bottle,
blankets pulled up to our necks -

Winter work
numb hands packing cold eggs,
building blocks and train tracks -
brooding baby chicks,
boxes of belongings opened
and sorted, bon fire blazing
(the broken crib, rocking chair)
earth tilled, turned, 
weeded, mulched, 

Winter woman
lets the season wash over her:
the difficulties and the beauty -
and the more she lets herself
slow down, lie dormant,
the better it feels, 
to be laid bare