Birthday fun


Archie’s birthday became a joyous week long affair! We had a simple afternoon tea on his actual birthday - it was a public holiday - and his brothers helped me make a sponge cake with lemon curd and special rainbow on top made from edible flowers: rose, geranium, calendula, dandelion, mint leaves, borage, cornflowers, violas and lavender! He was delighted.

Then my parents came down to stay for the weekend so we had a special family lunch on Sunday with all the grandparents, a roast chicken, balloons, flowers and another cake - this time a number “2” banana cake with honey cream cheese icing.

My main birthday present for him was a big boy bed quilt: a simple herringbone design of arrow shapes - in a rainbow of cotton. I spent many evenings working on it; cutting fabric, piecing together with my sewing machine, playing with the positions of the arrows, ironing, quilting by hand, and thinking about all the dreams he will have snuggled under it…