twenty eight

On saturday I turned twenty eight and had a lovely birthday - my mum and stepdad and sister came to stay for the weekend so it felt a real luxury to spend it with them; especially to get those warm birthday hugs (only mums and sisters can give) and to have their help wrangling the little boys. I had home-grown boiled eggs for breakfast and tea in my beautiful new mugs made by a local ceramicist, read cards and well wishes from loved ones near and far,  went out for lunch and some window shopping in town, soaked in a hot bath undisturbed by small people, devoured a delicious dinner of moussaka and salad, sipped sparkling elderflower and my sister and I made a messy (but delicious) layered hazelnut sponge with buttercream and ganache. And we played word games afterwards. And oh! Alex surprised with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers grown and foraged locally by a very talented friend and florist. The roses smelt especially glorious... A happy day indeed x