thirty one weeks

my sweet babe,
your every-so agreeable father captured these photos of us today, just as dusk began to crept in - we were all tired after a day of busyness but I couldn't let the moment go - the very moment of being exactly this full of you. Like your brother you seem to be settling with your head down and while I am glad for you to be practising this positioning, the pressure is at times uncomfortably intense. Skirts and dresses and loose cotton pants are worn often, and this beloved linen dress - locally designed and handmade in the city - is especially luxurious and accommodating. I am certain the next nine weeks will fly by as we chase your brother about, bake for the markets, run an art class, prepare for hundreds of chickens to arrive, sow dozens of seeds and plant out vegetables, embrace the lenten season, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, usher in the crisp cool of autumn and quiet prayers for you, for all of us, to keep growing, trusting, hoping... love you always, mama xx