to the year passed

{a tradition... the year that was, under my feet… }

Oh 2014, what a year you have been,
I don't know where to start,
you aren't so easily summed up
you are so full of moments
hard and truly truly glorious


the sounds of pigs roaming, happily,
little hands crushing grapes in finger tips,
strong arms building fences, painting a landscape,
my own nervous hands shaking a swarm of honey bees,
fermenting, sun-soaking, seed-raising

plans made, surprises and
unknowns to make sense of,
struggles of beloved friends -

we took our boldest steps yet
to move to the countryside and
join a new community,
learn to farm holistically,
start our own business -
conceive a new life

and in all I keep trusting Him
for direction and soul-soothe
and mystery,

year passed -
for keeping me moving
for the learning and
everything else
thank you.