the season

The last week has passed in a flurry I can barely keep up.

Poor little Reu caught the gastro-bug going round, then just after every soiled sheet and towel was washed (every single item of linen in our house), I fell sick with it... I lost days of preparation for the farmer's markets, but still baked like a mad woman in order to have a stall on Saturday brimming with gluten-free european-style christmas delights, it was a successful experience but draining...

Then on Tuesday afternoon a sudden and serious grass fire swept through our area forcing us to quickly pack belongings and evacuate to town, spend a night at friends, and come home late yesterday afternoon... the image of burning hills in the dark of night (like lava oozing) stays with me. We were so blessed the wind didn't change our way, and that no lives or homes were lost - but we are sobered by the realities of living in rural Australia in the summertime and prompted to be prepared for anything.

And so I pause for a moment, because I must, with first morning's cup of tea to write here and soak in the little Christmas scenes around our home... I feel the wriggling babe more than twenty-four weeks grown, I marvel at the golden sun on the pasture all around us.

Tomorrow we leave for a week or so in Sydney to reconnect with our beloved kin, celebrate the birth of the babe Jesus, swim in the ocean, rest a while before the busyness of the new year is upon us.

Wishing you and yours a special and blessed time of respite, joy and goodwill