the natural home

We start moving house in two days - to a perfectly practical 1956 red brick cottage complete with curved kitchen wall and open fire place! It will see us living next to our landlord's happy cows, hilly landscape and most importantly - so much closer to our farming operations on a nearby property. It will be the first house we've lived in alone as a family since France - in about eighteen months - I can't wait to unwrap long-boxed-up belongings and hang art on the freshly painted cream walls... nest a happy space for our growing brood. 

Recently I borrowed a beautiful book from the library compiled by Hans Blomquist "The Natural Home" - the scenes above are from it's pages... so many homely spaces to swoon over; washed walls, earthy tones, natural fibres, recycled timber, found objects, art, ceramics, linen... Ideas to pocket away for the day we plan and build our own farm house. 

Happy weekend friends