smelling : thriving lavender in a friend's garden
loving : pink peonies in our bedroom
learning : how to budget
making : gluten free sourdough
marvelling : in our first occupied hive
hearing : wings of honey bees
feeling : baby wriggle and turn
thinking : about our farm's business plan
planning : for our house move in two weeks
hunting : for furniture
humming : a song about shapes
sighing : over sore shoulders
drinking : lady grey with raw milk
wearing : linen button-down shirts
eating : triangles of watermelon
reading : the art of fermentation
waiting : for a polish crock to arrive
knitting : a teeny tiny pair of overalls
laughing : at reu's desire to jump on the trampoline, naked
disliking : being so far away from my mama
wanting : a swim in the ocean
needing : a long nap
remembering : to slow down and drink water
discovering : whether baby is a he or a she
marvelling : at the sunset
pondering : a christmas with all my siblings
growing : trays of vegetable seedlings
praying : for big decisions
hoping : to catch another bee swarm
gathering : elderflowers for syrup

inspired by Pip's monthly reflections. Happy friday friends with all you're doing, thinking, hoping