A Rhubarb Knit

Why yes, Winter is usually the time for great knitting exploits, but this season I've been so busy making and doing other things my poor knitting projects have been slow to completion. This splendidly rhubarb-coloured cardigan (started four or five months ago) was finished only just this morning.

The pattern is the Belfast Hoodie by Quince & Co, though I realise mine looks quite different - I somehow misread the pattern for the yoke and then decided to leave the hoodie off, add four more button holes and lower the pockets so my hands could actually fit into them. I am left with a rather generously shaped, long, cosy cardigan...

The wool is a beautiful rustic 8-ply by Bendigo Woollen Mills. I love that you can see purple and umber hues in amongst the reds. It is so so soft. Buttons are from button emporium All Buttons Great and Small and somehow remind me of european folk art. While thinking of a name for her (as is my custom for hand-knitted wearables) Romola came to mind. Romola the Rhubarb Cardigan... good for tree-climbing too.