This morning I took Reu on his first steam-powered train ride on the Heritage Express circa 1928. I could barely contain my excitement for that train-loving toddler of mine as we came into view of it steaming away on the platform! Ahhhs and Ohhhs and look! look mama! BIG TRAIN! We chugged along from Central to Clyde in our leather seats, looking out the window and chatting to the elderly couple sitting across from us.

Reu didn't expect the engine to sound so loud as we boarded the train (which made him wince and cry a little) and I certainly didn't expect to feel so moved by the experience... something about the nostalgia of inventions past, the many smiling onlookers taking photographs as we passed their stations, the dark tunnels filled with steam and woo-wooos...

It was the Queen's birthday holiday and I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day - a ride on a grand old train and home for warm scones with jam and cream. Happy Monday to you!