Nearly one week since we left the farm and I miss it dearly... the fresh air and quietude, the familiar sounds in the night of a dog barking at rabbits or the ducks exploring, the frequently muddy feet of my child, crows flying in the cypress, the calf mooing, the early morning chores and the mist about the hillside... I miss much, and yet I am so happy to up here - where the palette is rich and different - for the greys of tall palm trees and bright succulent greens in my parents garden, deep red and creams of a friend's wedding flowers, warm orange of a desk to sew at, and the hair of my little boy in the white bath... I am glad for the warmer air and the brighter sunshine - most of all for a chance to sleep in, rest my bones, walk about the neighbourhood, visit friends and family, plan and pray for what's next, refresh. xx