Tomorrow we leave the place that has been home and work and inspiration for the past seven months. Our hearts are so grateful for the opportunity to begin our farming adventures somewhere so dedicated to revival and regeneration. We leave with a sharper sense of why we want to work (and be worked by) the land. We leave with stronger arms and a catalog in the mind's eye of dawns and dusks. We leave with having seen a calf freshly born. We have tasted minutes old milk and held eggs still warm with lay. We have stretched out on the field and heard the life beneath the grass.

The next weeks, months, ventures are daunting and exciting. I remember to be still and contemplate Him who loves me most. I remember to live each day at a time and not get too caught up in the future - the long-term - the plans (important as they are - I need to embrace the present). I remember the gifts in my life; my sweet family, my beautiful boy, my devoted partner, my steady hands, pens and paper, pots and pans, seedlings and a watering can - I let go of what could have been and focus on what still can be. I acknowledge all my worries, the overwhelm, the unknown - and choose joy, because I must.

farewell chapter so brilliant and busy -
let's meet again on the next page,
after a good rest