saint earth

to celebrate our anniversary we three drove off to the garden of St. Erth in the not-so-faraway town of Blackwood. we were met with lush green grass, tall arching trees, the smell of eucalyptus and rain and crushed mint leaves underfoot... we savoured a late lunch of roasted vegetables from their garden, sausages and potato salad, flourless chocolate cake and double cream while noticing the rather large and intimating huntsman spider on the ceiling crawl closer to us (who Reu excitedly names, like all insects, "bee"), we wander the cultivated grounds - so many features I dream in a garden of my own - rambling stone pathways and raised beds, flowers intermixed with herbs and vegetables, wooden benches under shady trees for reading or sitting still, enough order and wildness, colour and greenery and space to breathe. Oh and we stockpiled a large array of autumn and winter vegetable seeds, all heirloom and wondrous. let the dreams, gardening and another year of love and adventure between my man and I begin... x