ode to nature

This week I felt the strongest wind,
too early in the morning
my face whipped with hair,
the chickens huddled,
hay and feed flying -
I saw a structure I came to love
(and spent so many hours in)
tending tomatoes, beans, corn, pumpkins,
mangled beyond repair in a matter of minutes.

I felt a sun so hot it burnt
and we sweat into our clothes
we panted and sought
the shade, we sighed relief
in the late afternoon cool of the dam
ate frozen grapes, tossed and turned
in our beds when the breeze didn't come -

I smelt smoke and saw in the horizon
- not so far away from us -
a grey haze of bushfire,
out of control..

And now a cool change
cold even, prickling the skin
as the night sets in...

I've been at a loss of what to say
or document here these past days,

nature is so powerful
the elements fierce here
red in tooth and claw yes,
and also
brown, green, blue -
gentleness and harshness
and all between them.

we want to control what we cannot,
at best we withstand
or fend off or heal from -

we learn to live in readiness,
we learn to live in peace.