year long

I lay awake in bed contemplating the new year, still so fresh and undiscovered. I saw a shape - a wheel - in my mind's eye, enclosed within it a landscape moving through Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. And one word word - seasoning

On a farm I am so aware of how the seasons influence our bodies, work, art and relationships. We are happily (and at times frustratingly) beholden to the extended light of day (or shortness), occurrence of rain, gale or shine. Creatures, trees, vegetables, grasses, eggs, taste of milk are all affected too.

A year of seasoning is a year to embrace fully - not favouring a month to the next - but in each accepting a challenge to be present, impassioned and thankful. It's also an embrace in the heart, body and soulful places; the seasonality of our health, moods and lessons in faith…

I wonder do you have a word or image to reflect and learn from this year?