we escape the heat of the day under spinning fans, we try drawing for a while or building train tracks but return to melting over the sofas with homemade popsicles... we wait till late afternoon to dip in the tank dam, the cool water refreshes cheeks and toe tips... every day we harvest things to eat - rube nasturtium flowers, ripe peaches and green beans, enormous cucumbers grow by magic overnight, corn that is juicy and sweet... I look into the eyes of my babe only one week away from turning two-years-old, tear up over (not so) old photos of him so much smaller and sleepy in my arms... I smile at the day's new sentence "fish in there" exclaimed as he pointed excitedly to a tank filled with gilly-creatures in the hotel bistro, before exhaustion and maniacal running around set in... we welcome the cool breeze with sighs of relief and walk hand in hand out onto the pasture, I kiss my husband and notice how the glint of stumble on his neck looks the same shade as the golden grass wavering around us... as night closes in I tip-toe out into the dark to turn off water sprinklers, the piglets snort as they stir from sleep, cicadas buzz a steady rhythm. summertime.