merry-making: day four

... make a merry door wreath from cotton yo-yos...

1. Gather your materials: a little vine wreath (I found mine for 50cents at the thrift store), red white and creamy printed cotton scraps, red cotton bias tape or ribbon, scissors, needle and thread.

2. Cut out circles in fabric by tracing first around the rim of a drinking glass or mug.

3. Make yoyos (suffolk puffs) by folding 1/4" hem on the wrong side of the fabric and using your needle and thread make even, loose stitches around. Pull your staring thread and end together so that the circle bunches up into a little rosette shape and tie them together tightly twice. Trim. Repeat until you have enough yoyos to fill the wreath.

4. Wrap bias tape tightly around wreath and secure with a few stitches in needle and thread.

5. Sew yoyos in alternating colours to wreath - using the bias tape as a anchor for your thread.

6. Stitch or glue a small piece of ribbon for the top of the wreath for easy hanging.

7. Hang wreath on a door in need of merriment