twenty-one months

little one,
its hard to keep up with how much you're changing these days - how more like a little boy (and less a baby) you seem to me. you seem to like this farm life very much and are quick to escape from eyesight  - much to our fright. You like the cats and dog best. Next maybe the cows and chicks. The pigs and laying hens are still a bit scary, what with all that grunting and pecking and flying at your face. You get yourself awfully dirty every day and I wonder why we even dress you at all! Its a good thing you love baths so much. Your adoration of cars/trucks/anything with wheels is still as fierce as ever. A trip to the thrift store ensures the car supply stays high. A few minutes after waking you usually hop down off the bed to inspect the line of up of cars I put out the night before on the bench-top. You surprise your papa and I with your comprehension of our requests, as well as your own initiatives like pointing up at the sky when I carry you to bed saying "night-night stars", proclaiming "aaaaameeen" when we say grace before dinner, putting dirty plates in the sink and hoisting yourself out of the tub to grab a towel to dry yourself! You delight us all with your waves hello and goodbye, even to just-made acquaintances. Darling boy, always hard at "work" exploring, dancing, vocalising, farming, making sense of this strange and wondrous world... thank you for being ours,
mama xx