Hello November (Goodbye October)

So many things I want to share
about the month past,
moments savoured, lessons learnt.

October - breaking us into farming life
with early mornings,
whipping wind,
late nights,
tired eyes and also:

.one calf born
.thousands of eggs (collected, cleaned, packed)
.hundred new chicks housed
.dozens of seedlings planted

all keeping us busy, heralding spring.

exploring our surrounds
for business and pleasure
and sometimes both
to town, market,
church and old winding street -

the little one
with word and deed
becoming more boy by the day,
though wakeful nights
sniffles and long cuddles
tell me he's still babe (for now)

all around us the harvest -
fridge full of vegetables, butter, milk
freezer full of beef, chicken, ice-cream,
hands full of wool, children, bottles, laundry
head full of ideas, hopes, patterns
a heart full.

and all that went with you
difficult and sweet
thanks and farewell...