Sweetie's calf

Hip hurrah, hip horray! Our first calf was born this morning to the beautiful Swiss Brown Sweetie. He is a bonny calf if ever I've seen one, only a few hours old and already so sturdy and serene looking.  I think he should be named Silas .It feels like a really big deal because ever since we arrived on the farm we have been awaiting the arrival of the first calf (there are four expected) - this also means the the beginning of the dairy which I hope to manage once I've learnt the ropes and feel confident with it. That's milking twice a day, and much fresh butter and cream to be reckoned with...  

Oh, to think yesterday when I visited Sweetie in the paddock and brushed her coat and leaned in to feel the warmth of her huge belly, she would go on and have her calf the next morn. I'm a little sorry I missed the actual moment of birth - but I did get to see her push out the placenta (and proceed to eat it) which was memorable to say the least. Now she's back to munch grass and nuzzle that soft wee Silas of hers. 

Happy Saturday to you!