Henri, the farm quilt

I can hardly believe that in nine short days we'll be uprooting again - this time for taranki farm to commence our spring internship. we'll be learning to keep honey bees, raise livestock, market garden, find community and capture all we can with lens, photo and film

A few months ago when this was all unfolding I felt inspired to begin a new quilt to take with us...  a new quilt for a new adventure I thought to myself, something to stitch away all my hopes and worries and prayers into... Henri is the result. As you see, she is a bit crooked in parts... but then most things in life are a little misshapen, and beautiful because of it.

I set myself the task of constructing her entirely from fabric I already owned. I settled on these interlocking crosses in blue, green, grey, burgundy, red and creamy hues. The backing fabric is a lovely paisley cotton I bought years ago and never knew what to do with. It seems quite perfect here. I used pure bamboo fleece for a lightweight and soft wadding.

Our dwelling on the farm will be very humble indeed... but the sight of Henri draped on our makeshift bed is a nourishing, comforting thought. I took both my other quilts (serendipity and wedding quilt) to France and was so glad I did - they brought great relief and soothing when everyone seemed so far away and the sky was dreary. That and a quilt has this miraculous ability to make one smile, knowing the hours and hours that went into cutting, piecing, stitching... knowing the various uses that each square of fabric had before as clothing, bedding, scraps discarded, uncut yards in waiting... suddenly find themselves seamed together and dancing.