farm life

September, 22nd
He stirs before dawn, I roll over heavy-lidded and exhausted... it was a rough night with Reuben waking often, uncomfortable with a chesty cold. My nose is running too and my arms ache with rocking. But there's a glimmer of golden light through the window. I bundle up the early riser, put boots on my feet, grab the camera and hurry out the door... We are soon greeted by the farmyard hens, three cats and lovely cream-fured dog. A little voice in my arms "meee-oows" and points excitedly. We notice frost coated grass, cows awake and grazing, and the source of that golden light.... a sun rising over the pasture. Ah yes, I say, this is why we are here. 

Eight days into farm life, and each day is different, challenging, beautiful... we're busy learning, planning, recovering, resting and all the while thankful, happy for all this.