outdoor play

Outdoor play is where it's at for our boy. as soon as he could crawl he was crawling for the open door. as soon he as he could walk, he was running out of it. he is absolutely happiest out in the fresh air even when its bone chilling cold - needless to say appropriate layers of clothing are applied, but I have this theory that small people just do not feel the cool as we old folks do!

Each morning we go out for a walk followed by a long-play in one of the nearby parks. We take a soccer ball and kick it about... we look for birds and collect leaves and flowers. Sometimes we take lunch with us too. 

I love watching Reuben explore and fumble and kick, rustle and pinch with those developing fine motor skills of his.  I love that every day presents itself with unique circumstances, chance meetings with local babes, different birds and skies to gaze at. 

His outdoor play is helping me rediscover my own. Allowing myself to let go of the to-do-lists, chores and needs of the day and just laze out in the sun on the grass for forty-five minutes... fill up a bucket with soapy bubbles... make a great big mess with finger paint and cardboard...  chase a curly-haired munchkin for the sheer of delight of the breathy laughter that ensues.

How do you like to play outdoors I wonder? 

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