on six years here

I was eighteen when I began. I wrote away knowing less than a handful of eyes read on with me. I was motivated by a simple yearning to have a space for retreat and reflection. for breathing in and out. for noticing little things. for sharing art. for celebrating sights seen, smells baked, grief and joys felt, stories sketched and poems penned.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm still here - if I need to be. My blog, and those of people I've come to know and love, is a significant part of the everyday. A source of inspiration and friendship. Like many others I struggle about what to share, or how to do it... I know if my heart told me, it's time - walk away - I think I'd say yes, you're right, let's be brave and just live.

And so I raise my sprig of jasmine to you
fresh pot of black tea (with slithers of raw ginger) -
blooming magnolia against australian sky,

thank you for reading and sharing these six years with me
and the rest to come -

emily clare