oh to be a cowboy 1 2 3

Oh to be a cowboy 1 2 3
ride on a horse and climb up a tree! 

Oh to be a cowgirl 4 5 6
whistle to the wind and camp in the sticks! 

I came up with these cowboy-inspired neckerchief-bibs a few months ago in France... when I realised Reuben was more boy than baby and could do with some more bibs. I like these because they can be worn as an accessory to add a little colour to an outfit, but are also functional for catching spills and miscellaneous food droppings! So far there are six different versions in thewindhover shop - only $6 each - pure cotton - machine washable - and can be more interchangeably on either side.
The other new offerings are two large utility rolls - perfect for storing one's brushes, pens, pencils, knitting needles or crochet hooks - they are made from beautiful grey belgium linen, printed cotton, recycled tea towels and have ribbon ties for closing. A blue and white version and red and white version are now in the shop for $18 each.  I relish my own versions for carrying illustrating supplies and knitting needles/crochet hooks - and find them especially useful for travelling (to france and back for instance!)