I came across this verb recently,
and something about it
spoke straight to my soul -
that is where I am

like an earth-hidden seedling
or creature half-sleeping
I am keeping
managing -

And it got me thinking about the fact
that because of our move from the other side of hemisphere
It will be sixteen months in total
(come december)
when I feel summer again,

I think its important for us to
embrace the seasons as they come,
as they are meant to be felt...

long hot days
that follow the bright crisp ones

zest and greenery
that follow the cool dreary

wind and falling
that follow the relentless heat

dark and quietness
that follow the gold and busyness

I don't know if we're meant to be stuck in winter for so long,
but then I think of peoples living around the tundra
where winter is always long...
that the body can endure when it must
sleep. awaken. decay. flourish.

so instead of fighting what I can't change
or yearning bitterly for the new growth
I am content for now,
to wait...

and to let myself do
what we always hoped this pause
between what was before
(and what is unfolding next)
to winter
and rest.