a friday adventure

today mum took reuben and I on a wonderful car-trip adventure to the sweet-southern town of Berry... and despite a few uncomfortable screechy moments (babe still dislikes car seat) and many many versions of us singing "the wheels on the bus...." we had a glorious time. flooded with winter sunshine, blue sky, driving my favourite stretch in the country (where green rolling hills meet the blue sea and wild white lilies and flame trees flank the roadside), savouring a delicious lunch and wood-fired sourdough, petting agreeable soft-fured dogs, wandering in and out of the homey, crafty, tea-filled shops, playing in the park, smelling jonquils, crunching fallen leaves... and oh just to spend a whole day with a dear little boy and my beautiful, soul-soothing mum. how I've miss adventures like these!