the long way home, part II

now it seems like an age ago
we stepped on australian soil
we wandered a tram-tracked city
hip, busy, autumn-leaving,
Melbourne -

we were blessed with cosy place to stay
and call our own for a week
while we familiarised ourselves
with the sights, sounds
smells of here -

we stepped on concrete road
and dust farm track,
I savoured solitary walks
and mornings infused
with wood smoke and
magpies warbling,
alex began to make up
for two years of sub-par coffee
reuben chased little dogs
and delicately thumbed
waratah leaves,

something so necessary I think
of returning in a slow and gentle way -

I feel a closure too
like the rings around a tree
those last years past
patterned in my soul
a little zig-zag
stretch mark on my belly,
never forgets
where I have been, no,

or of the place where I was born
and the feel of sun that's harsh
and breeze that's soft
sky so unapologising blue -
rain sporadic and thunderous,
bird call, grey bush,
heart language spoken loud and brash
whispery, and well, everywhere here...