the long way home, part I

we are still on the way home, we are in australia now, but not our home-city just yet... a few more days to go...

we had planned to stop in india for a week to see and love on dear friends of ours, but at the last plans changed (as in refused at check-in because we naively didn't look into the necessary travel visas) - we spent five nights in singapore instead to rest our heads before the final long-haul flight to melbourne..,

so the first part of our home-coming was unexpected -
mingled with sadness at missing our friends,
jet-lag, humidity, beautiful hazy sun rises,
big comfortable hotel beds, 
dragonflies on the balcony,
babe's first pool exploits,
colour, noise, uncomfortable heat,
cool watermelon and ice tea drinks,
the familiarity of english
in an unfamiliar place -
a hundred of more remarks
(delightfully) over that little one's curly red hair,
coconut laden palms, orchids in bloom,
and really an extraordinary level of cleanliness -
left us soaked, somewhat rested
and ready for the next part of our journey...