it's may day my little one

its may day my little one,
one year since the last -

when you were three-months-old,
with your light-haired head,
soft hands and smiling eyes

I remember, we welcomed
the new month outside
sun was shining too,

today we return outdoors
its overcast and cold
but the apple tree
and the cherry tree
tell us its springtime
in petals about our feet,

we rug up warm,
we buy two small posies
of lilly-of-the-valleys
from an elderly lady outside the grocery store
she tickles your chin and whispers
bon mercredi,

we make crispy croque monsieurs for lunch
which is just a fancy grilled sandwich
and you decide you like them very much,

I think of you a year ago
so tiny and delicate to my eyes,
I want to tell that young mother
to slow down and let go and move in peace,

and remind this mother now
that you are still so small
and delicate
in your toddlerhood,

in all the noise, fast pace
and bursting energy,
a brilliant mind learning,
a soft heart growing -

like this morning when
your papa or I were holding you
and said I love you,
you immediately leaned in close
wrapped your star fish hands around us...

to feel your child