au revoir

It is hard to pen the words - tonight I am leaving.

my heart brims full with memories of here;
the embrace of my lover in our first house alone (together)
the sight of my son fresh born,
the sound of sweet bird song
the stumble over french verb and phrase,
the hard work and the soft pause
the midnight pacing in the garden
and hundred walks around the block,
the quiet months and the dark days,
summer dusk and autumn morn -

 I want to cry and sing and murmur all at once, thank you, thank you... I am turbulent with anticipation - tonight an an eight-hour flight, tomorrow in a very very hot india, and beyond - in my homeland - rest, respite, reunion...

I am sad. I am joyful. I am weary. jittery. hopeful. yes, so very hopeful.

I rest where I must and can only truly rest,
I rest in Him.

au revoir mes amis et bonsoir,