un aprés-midi á paris

this afternoon I had a most rare and lovely opportunity to go out exploring on my own... with babe under safe and loving watch, I dressed myself and took the twenty minute train ride into the city centre. I followed my hand drawn map: getting off at saint-michel, strolling up to shakespeare & co for a peruse and the purchase of some poetry, then off again on foot over île de la cité crossing over to île saint louis for lunch at a tiny cafe on a corner (I had oeufs norwegiene and pamplemouse halves with slices of strawberry and sprigs of mint), listened to a wafting accordion and watched eccentrics on roller skates and boats glide by the river, sketched among the wildflowers, thought about how my love was getting on across the mediterranean, thought about whether my baby was missing me as I did him, clumsily talking on camera about my thoughts on WWII for a random student's film (she was desperate for people), savouring the blossoming trees, window shopping the quaint magasins of rue saint paul, trying violet-flavoured marshmallow for the first time and liking it, stepping about the marais, and finally returning to the train, reading walt whitman on the way, feeling the sunshine on my shoulderblades, choosing some french fabric from our local tissuerie, and at last coming home to my cheery little boy - who hardly seemed to notice I was gone 4 hours at all... in short - a rather splendid sunday afternoon  ♥