ode to our maisonette, with love

Favourite scenes and corners in our wee maisonette...

I took these a few days before we began de-cluttering, packing and boxing up our things for the move - (we fly out of Paris airport in exactly five weeks time)

We came here two years ago with four suitcases between us and some very heavy carry-on luggage (ahem there may have been a blue and white teapot and bonded bronze horse sculpture with us) - and despite the fact we couldn't bring many personal items, beloved books, artwork or curiosities, we have (quite miraculously) amassed so many things!

Oh little home, two years carved out,

with no straight lines in sight - 
floor that we ripped up and replaced,
walls we painted, tiles laid, bath we soaked in,
shelves we nailed up, paintings we hung,
meals we prepared, bread we baked,
friends we laughed with, kin we loved,
first crawl and steps made, 
windows that showed us sunshine
and falling snow,
home in which we sighed,
shed tears and dreamed -
garden we grew and harvested,
path we splashed our toes along -
morning birds and wild ivy,
you funny old, cosy thing - 
you are so dear to our hearts
for all of this, and especially because
you are the first home
my love and I have made alone,
and also, of course, where our baby grew inutero
and out... notre chère petite maisonnette! 

may your next inhabitants rest peacefully between your walls
and enjoy you as we have...