a reminder

about your life
about your clothes
about your food
about that second cup of tea
or that scar on your belly,
do not worry
about your lists
about your plans
forms to fill out
and emails to send
do not worry
about your sleep
dark circled eyes,
or your inward-facing feet,
when I say
do not worry
I do not mean
be absent minded
or careless, 
I mean,
do not let 
all the details
choke you from
actually living,
embracing Me
and the peace I give.

inspired by matthew 6: 25. I have a tendency to worry. about many things, some things worthy of a care and others no not really. amidst the busyness/chaos/brilliance of the coming weeks as we prepare to move, travel to faraway places and re-settle on the other side of the globe, I need to remind myself of this so very often. that and a blue and white teapot is one of the most comforting sights I know...