Time for Tova

I hope you had a happy love day yesterday, even if it involved no fresh flowers - Oh, when I was in grade 7, my first year of high school (and my first year at an all-girls and catholic one too) I have distinct memories of St. Valentine's day because the school office would periodically fill up with bouquets and boxes and wreaths of flowers!  And the names of the lucky recipients would be called out over the speakers. I suspect some girls sent them to themselves, and am certain a fair few fathers did too...

Thank you for all your thoughtful and encouraging comments about my Lenten commitments - especially the cutting down of time spent on the computer... and I have to say, only three days in, it doesn't feel so horrible. Actually, Wednesday was my first completely screen-free day, and I was surprised at how quickly the hours passed without thinking about it, and how many minutes were savoured doing other useful things, and even tiny increments... sewing a top! I know, I didn't expect to get that far with it... but Wiksten makes beautiful, straight-forward patterns. This is my version of the Tova top in a petrol blue linen/cotton blend. Maybe I should have ironed it before I snapped photos? Oh well, you get the idea - its really very comfortable on (and easy to nurse in as well)... I suspect this will be the first of many!

Happy Friday to you,
now - to catch some sunshine
and read a board book with my Reu
(who has just woke up from his nap)