Dearest little'un, Reuben Kael,
now you are  O N E

It seemed apt then that your birthday be full of colour,
since you bring it so intensely and brilliantly to our lives -

When we awoke the sun was rising pink and orange through the ivy hedge,
Then there was a bright card from your mama and dad,
Lots of balloons to chase about -
Your hand-sewn present, a bits and bobs book, to fiddle through, 
A bright little candle-lady atop your first birthday cake
(which was carrot and banana)
A lovely looking cake to enjoy via skype with your gran and grandad Sims,
A dear little greeny grey cotton crown to adorn your head, and matching bib too - 
A delicious afternoon tea spread to share with neighbours and friends from church
who all came to wish you a happy happy day...

And now you are one
you can walk and hop about with ease,
clap your hands and wave goodbye,
lean in with puckered lips for a kiss,
pull yourself up onto the armchair and lounge unassisted,
stand up confidently in the bathtub
(and turn the tap on and off)
dance to music you enjoy, 
drawn with pen on paper, 

You are a delight our little Reu,
here's to another wonderful, crazy, brilliant year together,
We love you so so much

p.s. this is the sweet film daddy made for you