sling diaries IV: expression

little one,
your mama is not so experienced with european winters,
she was born and bred in a much warmer place, you see,

and when the sky is again grey,
roads are thick with sleet, air so cold, 
when the day feels too short and the house so cramped,
and we can't go out for a comfortable stroll -
mama finds herself a little blue,

but then there are unexpected moments -
like last weekend when it really began to snow,
and oh how white and fresh and bright everything became!

we rugged up and ventured outside
for refreshment and sweet feelings -
the kind a soft covering of snow can bring!

and oh! those expressions of your nearly one-year-old face:
of seriousness, delight, curiosity,
of pure and uncomplicated joy,
of your smile against my heart -

a warmth in my innermost being
of you, my sunshine.

mama and babe wear simple linen sling in plum by Sakura Bloom