ten months

Reuben my sweet boy,
today you are ten months old,
and more a little boy every day.

As I write this you are crawling around the room
lifting yourself up on furniture,
inspecting the joins in carved wood,
or cracks in the tiled floor,
you speak in whispers
determined and expressive,
you find a wheel to spin,
or shoe to pull (mine)

If I had a penny for every time someone said
you were the smiliest baby they had met
I would be really rich, I think,
its true, you do so love to smile
and be cuddled by any who wish

Partly I'd say its just who you are,
but maybe its also because we've
made sure you had so much mummy and daddy loving, 
wearing, cuddling, nursing
that you are perfectly content 
to explore new places, meet new people, 
knowing you have all you need,
and that we won't be far away.

In the past month you have caught your first plane,
stayed in two new countries; Morocco and now Germany,
played with a little Berber boy on a crowded train,
felt snow fall on your nose,

Your still-coppery hair has begun to wave as it grows,
you have two full teeth on the bottom, 
and two more on the top emerging
(which has made for some difficult nights of late)
You can walk a few steps holding onto to our hands,
but mostly you scale furniture and crawl with speed -

You love to feel nestled in things like drawers and suitcases,
you giggle at the sight of a ball bouncing,
or people lunging in and out at you,
you still don't mind the old shoe chomp,
or cable-grabbing... 

I think every month becomes my favourite age
my favourite month to be alive
with you in it,

you are our delight,

bright-eyed blessing,
adventurer, possum, 
littlest friend,
bonny boy