on december 5th

two days ago as babe and papa napped,
I went off for a walk by myself,
a rare occurrence and a luxury -
feeling so light of heart and limb,
snow so thick, air so fresh.

I walked up the hill to the looking-tower,
I am a bit jittery with heights you see,
but I was determined to climb the stone stairs, spiralling,
step out on the balcony
and look out, down, across -
black forest, snow laden houses, city, chimneys,
footprints, car tracks, sun shining,
and I thought of one person
my sister
it was her birthday yesterday
and oh how I love that girl,
miss her all,
I whispered out my birthday wishes
from that black forest tower,
whispered and wished
for a strong wind to carry them home to her.

Then I stopped at the hillside cafe
for cake and hot chocolate
(in honour of Madeleine)
a moment to collect myself,
sketch, and gaze out at all the white,

Snow is mysterious to me -
More than anything, I love its
smooth-covering ways,
and brightness...