merry-making: day two

Some merriment for the domicile: a circly garland from fabric scraps and offcuts. This is a sweet and easy project for putting those bags of fabric offcuts and scraps to use (which surely do mount up when sewing and even more so if you're hoarder thrifty inclined as I am)

all you need is:
+ quantity of fabric scraps in festive shades: for mine I choose cream, reds, grey linen, natural calico, and sage green (from an old cardigan)
+a pair of sharp scissors
+sewing machine & thread
+using your scissors cut out rough circles of varying sizes in your fabric - to make things easier and faster fold over bigger pieces of fabric in half (and even half again) to cut four circles at one time. 
+when cut arrange your circles in a pattern, or randomly to your liking on a clean table or working space
+get your sewing machine ready on a normal straight-stitch setting - pull a generous amount of thread from the needle and bobbin to begin with (you will use this to hang one end of your garland up)
+arrange a couple of circles overlapping each other and begin sewing through the middle of them slowly and steading, making sure you are always feeding another circle at the bottom as you move along... continue in this fashion until you have the desired length of your garland or have run out of circles! Mine is about two metres in length.
hang happy garland from shelf horizontally, or vertically from the ceiling, or even wrapped round the tree..