merry-making: day six

early this morning while it was still dark, I bundled babe into a papoose under my coat and we walked down to the fresh produce markets by the train station. usually it is fairly quiet so early in the morning, but it is was positively bustling with people this december 23rd - men and women in coats and scarfs buying geese dressed with orange, pork fillets wrapped in bacon, quails, oranges, cheeses, trays of seafood, foie gras, baguettes, buche de noël, lychees, roses, tulips, branches of pine tree, olives, spices, racks of lamb, creamed honey and more... We bought all we needed off our list for a special Christmas day lunch including wild mushrooms and the most expensive mango I have ever bought - that said it is huge and ripe and will bring to our plates a flavour of warm sunny Sydney - which we miss so mightily this time of year...

then while reu had his morning nap, I set about today's merry-making - a fresh door wreath.

I used a wreath base Alex made using ivy vines but anything similar would work well. Then using a selection of fresh greenery like pine, ivy, mistletoe and holly plus some red berries and chillies I twisted the stems in and around the vines - I didn't need to use any additional wire but you might like to use some to really keep things in place. Finally I wrapped a length of red ribbon around the wreath and tied the two ends up the top creating a loop to hang the wreath from. Hang on the door or wherever you need a little festive colour!