nine months

Reuben, my little'un
today you are nine months and one day old,
and my life is so much richer and blessed to have you in it -

As you age, so does your insatiable desire to move;
climb, crawl, tumble, pounce -
to roam outdoors, find minute clumps of fluff,
pull apart the kitchen cupboards, swing your legs,
laugh and giggle and chatter and coo -

You still smile an awful lot,
that I think the market-vendors are especially fond of you -
last week I went there for the first time sans bébé
and the cheese man and the butcher and the farmer
and the olive-seller and the florist and the asian grocers all said:
"où est ton petit-fils?"
they were sorry to miss you,

Its true, you are very agreeable company
now you can stand alone for three whole seconds,
squeal with delight and begin to run away when being chased,
sit still to read books and tear down block castles with gusto...

When it comes to food you love to graze on rice crackers,
avocado, sweet potato, rye toast and yoghurt -
but mama's milk is still your very favourite thing.

Now that you are nine months old
you aptly weigh nine kilograms,
and are 70 centimetres long -
Its not until "the next size" of clothes no longer fit
that I look at you long and hard
and realise you are really are growing up...

You are growing bigger and stronger by the minute -
and the thought of seeing you explore the world,
and become a passionate and kind-hearted man
in the days and years to come
swells my heart,

and yet you will always be
my beloved baby,
my first,
my little'un.