I am so very excited to announce that during this month of November I will be hosting a series of guest posts about the balance of motherhood with life, work and projects. So far I have about nine incredibly creative, lovely women from around the globe contributing; some who have one babe, others who have five or six. Some craft for hobby, others for work. Some sing beautifully, others carve leather or set stone, or capture portraits, watercolour or knit fine garments, write poetry or run a thriving shop. 

The idea for this series sprang out of months of my internal pondering about how to live as mama and yet as an artist and writer too. Before I had Reuben I always believed in the notion that having children in no way stops a person from perusing and cultivating their passions in life - that perhaps having children enables us to be become more creative with how and why and what we use our time to do. Its easier said than done though... and I had so many questions I wanted to ask other women I knew who were on this path of being a creative soul, and a mum, embracing life, living well...

My hope is that, whether you are a parent or not, you will find this series on balancing a source of interest and encouragement... because really, each one of us balances the pulls of life, the yearns of the heart, and the pressing concerns of every day.