absolutely spectacular mail, and other musings

since we arrived home from morocco last week our little family has been a bit out of sorts; alex with terrible back pain, me with headaches and an upset tummy and reuben with the miseries of another tooth coming through (on the top, very slowly). at its worst, babe was waking every 30 minutes through the night with painful cries and was unable to settle back to sleep with the usual comforting ways... it was hard, and I don't think I've ever felt so tired. And I realise again the preciousness of good health and a strong body.

tomorrow we're away again for a week, this time to Germany, and while part of me is feeling apprehensive and stubborn about having to travel again, juggle routines, and be away from the wonderfully soothing predictability of home - I am trying to stay positive and excited even, at the prospect of the encouraging fellowship and crisp countryside air that awaits us. 

and amidst this past week's struggles there have been many graces - of words said, or unsaid, a better night's sleep, fresh baking, warm tea, pomegranates, personal emails, an illustration finished and submitted, others starter, a brief moment of sunshine in all the grey overcast, the silvery lambs ears that are thriving beneath the lilac bush...

there has been some absolutely spectacular mail
(the kind that comes unexpectedly, at exactly the best time)
. a blue postcard from Australia
. a package from my sweet friend Kirtsin containing the best smelling coffee I have ever inhaled, dark chocolate, recipes, little green socks, a board book, vintage tea-towel and blue thread
.  fabric supplies from Korea including this wonderfully soft stripe cotton jersey which I couldn't help from quickly sewing up into a long skirt
. a quantity my blue pens of choice from ebay just as my last couple were blotching and running out

and of course, every day, my sprits are roused and lifted by the company and shenanigans of my baby boy, who is now almost ten months old, and as we speak laughing as he sits in the bottom drawer of his chest (if he's not in there he's in the suitcase), don't ask, he has a perchance of nest-like places at the moment....

With that cosy thought I better go kiss his merry cheeks,
and wish you friends a very happy mid-week
thanks for reading,