freshly made - shrugs and shortbread

So I planned to knit this little shrug while we were on holiday with my parents (back in July) - I thought, a light cotton layer will compliment the warm weather nicely! Turns out I've only just finished it... and as the weather is getting cooler by the day, I'd say she will just be worn mostly around the house, and outdoors on unexpectedly-warmish autumn days like today. 

I used Hannah Fetig's "wispy" pattern and a 5-ply pure unbleached organic cotton. The pattern calls for fingering weight wool-yarn and perhaps that's why mine looks and feels a bit thick and chunky instead of light and airy as a whispering wind through the hair... I went for the cotton for the softness and summery-feel. I like it, chunky though it may be! The pattern itself was lots of fun and the first time I learnt to "pick up and knit" stitches; sew up knitted seams, work short row shaping, and increase on the edges. She is certainly not perfect, but it feels good on, which is the main thing...

Also fresh from the oven are two kinds of shortbread, earl grey tea and pistachio and lime - inspired by Kirstin's wonderful looking batch... and they're just in time for me to take to my elderly neighbour Mireille for afternoon tea.

Happy friday afternoon to you dear readers!