a remedy for the paper eating, peut-être?

Although I was warned of this by older wiser parents, I am still quite shocked and amazed by how many toys Reuben has acquired in his short life - especially as we haven't bought him any and I've only made him a couple. Of course his toy baskets are not just full of the stuffed dinosaur, wooden rattle, squeezy polka dot clown-man, and pull-along-train - there's that ball of wool, spoons of different sizes, CD-rom, tins, toothbrush, measuring cups and various other kitchen utensils that become a fascinating favourite. I love allowing Reu to dictate what he would like to play with, as long as its safe and reasonably hardy.

But there is one thing I know he would absolutely play with all day long if he could: paper. I mean it, this kid really really loves paper. He can spot out a tiny torn scrap/sewing paper/envelope/post-it-note/shopping list from miles off and crawl to it at lightning speed. I was drinking a cup of tea one day, and as soon as he spied the tea-bag label attached to it, and in the seconds I moved the cup past him (and out of harm's way) he had somehow ripped off the label, put it into his mouth, and swallowed!

Maybe this desire to eat anything (like paper) has increased lately as his first teeth - the two on the bottom - have pushed through and its painful work. I call him sharkie because those teeth-tips can pierce skin! Hence why I needed to whip up some teething biscuits for him to chew away on...

Here's how:

1/2 cup non-wheat flour like rice, oat or buckwheat
1/2 cup baby cereal (I use an organic rice/quinoa blend)
1 ripe banana mashed
1 tablespoon oil
teaspoons of water (depending on how dry/wet the dough is)
*optional* tiny pinch of cinnamon

Combine above indreigents into a dough adding as much water is needed for everything to come together. Knead dough out onto a floured surfance and roll out 1/4 inch thick. Cut into desire shapes (I went for rectangles with cookie-cutter imprints) and bake in a moderate oven (180'c) for around 25-30 minutes or until hard. Let cool completely. Store in an airproof container or jar for up to a week.