Outside the wind howls, and a pause in precipitation lets us go outside in the garden and inspect the beaded window panes, nasturtium leaves, pathway puddles.

A refreshing publication comes exactly at right time, as the tea brews, a moment to sit and read three pages and soak in the freshness, ideas, creativity of others, humanity.

In the flurry and stagnancy of daily chores I am reminded of a few things - 
that a tired body needs extra gestures of gentleness, kindness, forgiveness.
worrying cannot add a single hour to the day,
I must choose a life of grace,

Stirring from his morning nap, Reuben sits upright and begins to play with the curtains. I watch him, his face soft and eyebrows shaped with intention, he notices as he pulls back the curtain the outside world is revealed, he notices that when he lets go it hides again. he repeats this slow and steady action for twenty times or more, occasionally squealing with delight.

In so many ways he teaches me. Each day, in discovering afresh this physical world; howling wind,  window-views, open and close of palms, bend of standing legs, sounds of chairs sliding or jars rolling.

Each night, I learn more of the things my heart, weaknesses, patience, selfishness, selflessness, unending love, spirit.