in the air, a coolness

do you feel it too?
a change in the air,
each day shorter,
mornings crisper,
garden sparer -

on walks we pick blackberries,
in the garden we harvest pears
for chutney and tart,
market plums for jam,
we stew rabbit and roast vegetable roots,
sit berries in tall glasses,

my baby
cuddles in close,
he cuts his lip
on his first little tooth
emerging, slowly, and painfully
along his bottom gum

shhh, and ohhh
and let's look at the garden,
let's catch some sunshine,
there now,
brave boy -

we stir and sigh,
and contemplate the months ahead,
we will try to abate the melancholy,
we must make the most of her (winter)
when she comes -

and so we huddle,
sup on warm food,
boil the kettle an extra time -
we hedge in close
as the cool comes in.