six months

Reuben, my child, you are six months old today!

You are such a personality, so smiley, cheeky -
Your arms and thighs are deliciously plump,
and your hair thickening in soft coppery hues,

Now you can roll from back to front and front to back,
Sit up all by yourself, and almost crawl, almost.
You are a chatterbox, especially when you're excited,
You sing when you're really tired and drifting off to sleep.
Your favourite things to play with are kitchen utensils
like the whisk and the measuring cups,
plastic bottles and alarm clocks too.
You still love to have baths,
and be in the sling, and read books.

You have been cuddled by your grandpa Phil, and your mamie,
You have visited Monet's gardens and waterways, 
You have gone inside a Normandy farmhouse, barn, bakery, 
Wandered through an old abbey, heard the ocean,
and passed the canals of Brugges.
You have attended your first wedding,
You have met horses too.

You've had your first taste of solid food; 
a suck on a fresh apricot when we were in Normandy, 
and today some cold oatmeal and a banana -
We decided we'd let you feed yourself,
that way you can eat what you actually feel like,
rather than us forcing the mush in,
you can make it with your hands!
Sure its a messy business but so much fun. 
What with your love of kitchen utensils and food
who knows, you may be a chef one day!

Happy half-birthday dearest little one,
I remember so well the morning we met your face
it seems like yesterday,
and yet as though you've always been here.

We love you so.